daughter of Agha Hovsep Hovanhes Amirkhan.

Picture left is the original one.                                                                                                        Picture right is retouched by the Photostudio in 1879.

I am Anna Johannes (born 1831 and died 1894) and there is something I like to tell you about my father: Agha Hovsep Hovhannes Amirkhan, a descendant from an Artsakh Melikh.

I am Anna Johannes, daughter of Agha Hovsep Hovanes Amirkhan also known as "De Grote Johannes" in former Dutch Indies. (Editor notes: "De Grote Johannes " means "Great John".)

He was a descendant from noble Artsakh blood; he was born with a dream, lived his life for his dream and died with his unfulfilled dream... But finally his dream in the end came true on or about 165 years after his death....Artsakh was freed.


I am telling the world about my father, because he deserves to be known by he world endlessly and his story can be read on the following pages of this website.


Why am I the choosen one who will inform the world about my father?

Because my father called me at his death bed on the day he died (25th March 1835) and together with me was my eldest brother Frederik Daniel.

I was 4 years old then and my father whispered these words to me in ancient Armenian language and my brother translated his words to me in Dutch:


"Child, you are old enough to hear my words. You will not yet understand my words, but my words are planted in your heart, like seed in the fields. One day you will marry and you will have children and these children will have children and they will have children and 175 years from todate, the life I lived shall be spread into the world and it is you who must take care that it shall be known by the world,  with the help of our Lord Almighty. So spread the word to the world about me, your father. Do know, you are not my youngest child, but you are my special Nona Manis. The gens of my forefathers are passed through me to you and you will pass them on to our descendants and they will pass them on, till finally our family gens have reached their destination. Your brothers and sisters have other duties in our lifes, your brother Hacoob is on his way to Europe and your younger sister Louise is still too young. These are my words to you because I foresee that you will live like a queen and like a queen you therefore shall be obliged. Now go my sweet little Anna, go and live your life till time has come for you and to follow my wishes."


(Editor's notes: According some Dutch national documents (*Nicknames Moesson) it was noted that Anna was indeed called "Nona Manis" which means "Sweet Girl". It is also stated and proved that the Dutch National Historical Institutes (*RD and ARMY 1898)  only has preserved Anna's pictures and data, unlike her brothers' and sisters' which are so little preserved.. According the same sources, she indeed lived a queen's life.)



In order to understand more about my father and family, I have summarized some details on the following pages.




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A word from the editor "Դորդրեխտի Խոլորձ"

The true story of the journeys of gens through ages; gens originating from Artsakh travelling to Isfahan, then passing by at Indonesia and finally arriving at Holland. The gens started to travel on or about 1700 and ended their journey in 2010.


Anna came to me in december 2010.


She did not say much. She only stared at me with a smile which graced her visage.


"You are my successor to be the next choosen one. Make my father's star rise again in its full glory." .. her lips formed these soundless words and gracefully and silently she faded away....


About 3 months later I was astonished and perplexed, because I was flooded with information from everywhere... facts of life, stories, pictures, letters came to me and all contained details about Anna and her father...... (One should understand that, due to the war and the loss of my parents in the war, I was unknown with my family's history and backgrounds, as I grew up an orphan in an orphanage.).......


It was only then that I understood her soundless words: You are my successor to be the next choosen one.


Anna was the daughter of Agha Hovsep and the mother of my grandmother. I am a descendant of a Noble and Great son of Armenia and I am very proud to be. !!!


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